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It is easy getting majority of your travel plans booked prior to leaving home, but when you get to your destination, in our case Kenya, what, where and how do you find those little extra hidden gems?

While in Kenya, we took our tablet with us and once we arrived we sorted out a local sim card and casual plan to use in our tablet. What a Gods send that was for us. We got to speak to the locals and research the places recommended to see, booked tours and even hired a car for a few days to reach more remote places.

Below are some of the little gems we found on our tablet and speaking with the locals:

Epic Places to Visit in Kenya

Kenya is one of the most magnificent places on earth. The country lies at the heart of great East African Rift Valley. The general scenery of the country is quite admirable and this is the place to unveil your own African experience.

From the legendary game reserves to the mountains, the beaches, the Great Rift Valley, beautiful lakes, and the springs among many others. This is what makes Kenya the world greatest tourist destination.

The classic savanna safaris and classic contrasts happen to define the colorful tribal culture of the people inhabiting the country. This is the reason why Kenya is simply the best-kept travel secret in East Africa.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Kenya:

The Coastal Region

This is the most beautiful places to relax and unwind. You will also have an opportunity to see camels walking along the fascinating white sand shoreline. The breeze from the Indian Ocean is what makes ambiance for relaxation on the beaches at the coast.

The coastal region of Kenya is the world exotic area suitable for both underneath and above water adventures. You cannot afford to miss the taste of the kinds of seafood and nazi.

The region has an ancient history for long-distance trade and it is inhabited by the most hospitable communities like Mijikenda and Swahili.

Masai Mara Game Reserves

This is a legendary game reserve where you can have a clear view of wildlife. Have you ever heard of wild beast migration? Mara wild beast migration is amazing and it happens twice in a year.

The local tribes around the game reserves are amazing to see. Masai is the most common tribe in the Mara area and they are nomads.  Their mode of dressing and culture is what makes Mara area plentiful.

Lake Naivasha

The lake is located close to Naivasha town about 1 kilometer away. It is breathtaking to view game and wildlife in their natural habitat.

You will have an opportunity to get in touch with Kenyan beasts like white rhino, leopards, Buffalos, and lions among many others.

Lake Nakuru

This is the best place to be while in Kenya. The mixture of the birdlife, wildlife, and Menagai greater makes the region to be amazing. It will create a long lasting memory travel experience that you have never have anywhere else in the world.

You cannot afford to miss visiting the caves along the shoreline of the lake. This is will make your tour incomplete.

Kakamega Forest

This is the only forest in Kenya that remains to embrace indigenous trees. It is also one of the rain forests in Africa and the home of various kinds of birds.

The Kamosi Hill of vision create an amazing viewpoint for the rain forest and the crying stone happen to be the main tourist destination in the region.

Tsavo National Game Reserve

This is one of the biggest game reserves in Kenya. The area is close to the coastal region and it is in the middle of the tourist attraction area.

Tsavo is a great place for safari and it possesses a diverse landscape. You can explore all sort of nature and wildlife in the reserve. The most popular reserve for all breeds of Elephants in Africa.