Dreaming of a winter vacation

Best Places to Visit in Winter

Winter is the coldest season of the year. During the time most people prefer warmer areas. Countries in Africa are mostly preferred by the tourists, one of it being Kenya. This is because it is in the middle of East African countries.

Apart from its location it has a favorable climate which warm, different sceneries, wildlife and its diverse culture attracts a lot of tourists during the winter season.

Europe is also preferred as it is a little bit warmer during this time. The challenge is which one is the best place to visit. Andrew McDonnell wrote this post from Multum Tech to suggest a few places you can visit during the winter season in Kenya. 

Malindi in Mombasa

It is town found in Mombasa city in Kenya. It is the most popular place that is really visited during winter by tourists. It is one of the beautiful town in Kenya as it has various features such as historic places to re-discover, rich cultural heritage, many beaches and diverse land scape.

The town is small but it is very exciting to be at the place. It has beautiful sites to visit like the Vasco da Gama pillars, marine national park and falconry of Kenya. The town also has a beautiful weather and climate.

In addition to that it has a lovely nightlife whereby it makes it the best place to visit in company of friends to relax and enjoy. Nightlife is actually thriving in Malindi. It also offers fun for all ages as it has good adventures and retreats.

Really, it is the best town to visit while in Kenya as it contains everything that can make you relax and its budget is also a little bit low compared to other towns.


Kisumu it is a third biggest city in Kenya. It is found in western side of Kenya on the shores of Lake Victoria. It has a lot thrilling features that you would like to see and it weather and climate is just amazing.

It has beautiful sites such as the kit mikayi a Luo name to a rock. It is said that the rock is ever weeping. It is nearly forty meters high. The community named it that way to indicate that mikayi was the eldest wife, then the man decided to marry the second wife, so it made mikayi to weep all through and that was the result of polygamy among Luo community.

There is also boat riding activities which are very enjoyable. The impala park also has got wide range of wildlife that is lovely to watch.


It is an area endorsed with with natural resources and diverse climate. Talk of Marsabit which is a town in northern part of Kenya. It is one of the richest area with minerals and unique wildlife.

The topography in the area is also unique and it is also blessed with solar and wind power that is very beneficial to the area. It has archaeological beach fronts that makes the area really a nice place to visit during winter and enjoy.

These are just but a few places you can visit during winter while in Kenya and you will really enjoy.